Qualities you need to be a succesful Entrepreneur

•     Achievement orientation

An entrepreneur has a strong desire to achieve a higher goal and make his or her dream come true. He or She works hard to achieve the set goal.

•    Opportunity identification and initiative

An entrepreneur is quick to see and seize opportunities.  He or She has the attitude and mental capability that convert difficult situations into ideas and opportunities.

•    Moderate risk taking

An entrepreneur chooses a moderate risk rather than play wild speculative gamble. He or she prefers the middle of the road strategy, he or she analyses the risky problem objectively and thinks of how to solve it.

•    Perseverance

An entrepreneur has a staying power. Once committed to a goal and a course of action he or she becomes absorbed in it and does not give up even in difficult times.

•    Self-concept

An entrepreneur is aware or conscious of his or her strengths and weaknesses. He or she uses his or her strengths to his advantage and looks for ways to overcome the weaknesses.

•     Goal setting and planning

An entrepreneur thinks ahead, plan for his or her future and then work to make it come true.

•    Information seeking and analytical ability

An entrepreneur personally collects information and establishes facts for decision making.

•    Using feedback

An entrepreneur finds it important to know how he or she is doing when working on a goal or a task.

•    Self-confidence

An entrepreneur welcomes tackling unfamiliar but interesting situations. He or she believes in himself or herself.

Interpersonal skills

An entrepreneur is comfortable in dealing with people at all levels.

•    Problem Solving

Problem solving involves identifying problems affecting people within the community and developing solutions to these in an enterprising manner. Real problem + Real solution = Best Business Idea

•    Product Modification

Product modification involves changing some attributes or qualities of a product or service to make it give a higher level of satisfaction that it is currently in.

•    Technical Skills

Identifying areas that you are good at and turning them into reality within businesses.

•    Customer Oriented

A customer is a person or business who wants goods or service and is willing to pay. It involves the way the entrepreneur handles his or her customers. Once handled with care and are satisfied, the customer will always come back and this will lead to more sales hence profit.

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